Phonons Conference Series

The history of the Phonons Series (Conference on Phonon Scattering in Condensed Matter) is long-standing, since 1972. Over the past 50 years it took place in the following venues:

Phonons 2018, Nanjing, China.  Chaired by Lifa Zhang.

Phonons 2015, Nottingham, United Kingdom.  Chaired by Tony Kent.

Phonons 2012, Ann Arbor, United States of America. Chaired by Kevin Pipe.

Phonons 2010, Taipei, Taiwan. Chaired by Chi Kuang Sun.

Phonons 2007, Paris, France.  Chaired by Bernard Perrin.

Phonons 2004, St. Petersburg, Russia. Chaired by Alexander A. Kaplyanskii.

Phonons 2001, Hanover, USA. Chaired by Martin Wybourne.

Phonons 1998, Lancaster, England. Chaired by John Wigmore.

Phonons 1995, Sapporo, Japan. Chaired by Tsuneyoshi Nakayama.

Phonons 1992, Ithaca, USA. Chaired by R. O. Pohl.

Phonons 1989, Heidelberg, Germany. Chaired by Siegfried Hunklinger, Wolfgang Ludwig, Georg Weiss

Phonons 1986, Urbana, USA. Chaired by A. C. Anderson and J. P. Wolfe.

Phonons 1983, Stuttgart, Germany. Chaired by W. Eisenmenger.

Phonons 1979, Providence, USA. Chaired by Humphrey J. Maris.

Phonons 1975, Nottingham, UK. Chaired by L.J Challis, V. W. Rampton and A.F.G. Wyatt

Phonons 1972, St. Maxime and Paris, France. Chaired by H. J. Albany.

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