Phonons 2023

The 17th International Conference on Phonon Scattering in Condensed Matter, Phonons 2023, is the latest in the pre-eminent conference series on the physics of phonons and phonon interactions. It is held nominally every three years, the recent previous conferences were held in Nottingham, UK (2015) and Nanjing, China (2018). After the pandemics, Phonons 2023 retakes its momentum. Phonons 2023 will consist of: plenary sessions covering some of the latest developments in phonon physics; parallel oral sessions, including invited talks on key topics; poster sessions; and social events to facilitate discussions in the phonon physics community. The conference will take place in Paris, France. The city has excellent transport links to the major international airports in Europe and is easily reached by visitors from all over the world.


The Phonons 2023 Conference Program is online. Click here to access it.

The Book of abstracts is online. Click here to access it.

Dear participants,

We would like to address a matter of utmost importance regarding the trip arrangements for Phonons2023. It has come to our attention that some of you may have received an email from offering assistance with hotel reservations for the trip. We want to inform you that we do not have any affiliation or partnership with any external company to handle trip arrangements.

Thank you for your attention, and we look forward to welcoming you to the event.

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The Phonons2023 Team

Scope of the conference

You should attend this conference if you have a research interest in phonon physics, including:

  • Light, neutron and x-ray inelastic scattering
  • Nano- and micro-scale phonon transport
  • Phonons and phonon-phonon interactions in nanoscale materials and structures 
  • Coherent phonons and ultrafast acoustics
  • Lattice dynamics
  • Electron-phonon interactions
  • Optomechanics
  • Phonons in MEMS and NEMS and optomechanical systems
  • Phonons in glasses and disordered materials
  • Phononic crystals
  • Phonon laser (saser)
  • Phonons in biological materials
  • Phonons in emerging two-dimensional systems
  • Quantum nanoacoustics
  • Surface acoustic waves, science and technology
  • Topological phononics
  • Nonlinear phonon phenomena
  • Phonon applications in quantum technologies
  • New phonon techniques, materials and phenomena

Important dates

Abstract submission: from Jan 23th 2023 (you must log in or create an account)

Abstract submission deadline: (-last extension- March 21st, 2023 - 11:59 AM)

Notification of outcome of abstract assessment: May 3rd, 2023

Registration: from May 22nd, 2023

Early registration deadline: June 3rd, 2023

Start of conference: July 2nd, 2023


Announcements and call for abstracts!

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